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Folgende Veranstaltungen richten sich auch an deutschsprachige Teilnehmer:
Emotional Release  / Remember / Shedding Layers 

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Dates: Every Wednesday in Zurich at Serratus, Zwinglistrasse 40.

Course Language: DE & EN

Investment: CHF 35

Duration: 2 hours, 7.30-9.30 PM



Dates: 18 May 2024

Course Language: DE & EN

Investment: CHF 320 -360.-

Duration: 1 Day 


WHO AM I?                  
A Tantric & Shamanic Art Experience

Dates: 13. -16.June 2024

Course Language: EN

Investment: CHF 599 - 1111.-

Duration: 4 Days in the Swiss Alps (Filzbach)


TANTRA ENERGY                  A Tantric & Shamanic Art Experience

Dates: 25. July - 4. August 2024

Course Language: EN

Investment: CHF 1222.- - 2666.-

Duration: 9 Days in the Swiss Alps (Filzbach)

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Rise in your power, release body shame, self -love, connect with empowering sisters...

Datum: 7-10. September 2024

Kurs Sprache: DE

Investition: CHF 666.- bis 999.-

Dauer: 4 Tage in den Schweizer Alpen (Filzbach) copy.jpg

A Shamanic & Artistic Odyssey, Vocal Activation, Breathwork, Ecstatic Dance... 

Dates/Datum: 6 - 12 October 2024

Course Language/ Sprache: DE & EN

Investment / Investition: CHF 1111 -1777.-

Duration / Dauer: 6 nights in the Swiss Alps



Dates: Samstag 2. November  2024

Course Language: DE & EN

Investment: CHF 320 -360.-

Duration: 1 Full Day 


Begegne dein wahres Ich

Datum: 27 Dezember 2024 - 3 Januar 2025

Kurs Sprache: DE 

Investment: Kommt bald

Dauer: 4 -8 Tage in den Schweizer Bergen (Filzbach)


Book Your Private Session with Mahara

Dates: To be discussed

Course Language: EN

Investment: starting at 222.-

Location: Equilibra, 8757 Filzbach, Switzerland

51695076_10155868097311640_4130202961726930944_oSHAKTI festival goa maharaSHAKTI festival

FUTURE Tantra Teacher Trainings

Dates: In the making

Course Language: DE/EN

Price: TBD

Location: Equilibra, Swiss Alps

Only One Spot Left

Mahara McKay stands as a beacon of transformative energy in the world of Tantra. Her work, deeply rooted in a blend of Tantric and Shamanic arts, is a testament to her dedication to personal growth and spiritual awakening. Through her immersive retreats, McKay guides individuals on a profound journey of self-discovery, awakening the best in each participant. Her sessions are more than just gatherings; they are powerful experiences that shake, wake, and inspire, leaving attendees with hearts and minds wide open.


In Zurich, McKay’s Tantra meditation sessions offer a sanctuary from the stress of everyday life, inviting joy and vitality back into the lives of her students. Here, in a space of calm and acceptance, participants reconnect with their true nature, finding peace and clarity.

The WOMXN’S WISDOM Festival, is a celebration of unity and shared spirituality, further highlighting her commitment to fostering a deep sense of community and love. Through these endeavors, Mahara McKay not only teaches Tantra; she embodies its very essence, nurturing an environment where transformation and connection flourish.

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