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Mahara has worked for the following festivals in the past

​* Tantra Festival India (Goa and Delhi)

​*  Osho International Festival India

​* Tantra Festival Ibiza (Spain)

​* Cosmic Lovers Israel

​* Impulstanz Festival Vienna (Austria)

​* Burning Mountain, Switzerland

​* Devotional Arts Festival Barcelona (Spain)

​* Odessa Amsterdam (Netherlands)

​* Yoga Festival, Goa (India)

​* Shakti Festival, Goa (India)

​* Natraj Spirit Dance Festival, Delhi (India)

​* Wild Love Journey, Switzerland

​* Shaman Soul n-Spirit Festival, Switzerland

​* Ecstatic Dance Festival

​* Heal-Play-Love, Switzerland

​* Ananda Festival, Switzerland

​* X-Tatic Dance Festival, Switzerland

​* Uhuru Festival, Switzerland

​* Women's Wisdom Festival

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