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Mahara McKay stands as a beacon of transformative energy in the world of Tantra. Her work, deeply rooted in a blend of Tantric and Shamanic arts, is a testament to her dedication to personal growth and spiritual awakening. Through her immersive retreats, McKay guides individuals on a profound journey of self-discovery, awakening the best in each participant. Her sessions are more than just gatherings; they are powerful experiences that shake, wake, and inspire, leaving attendees with hearts and minds wide open.


In Zurich, McKay’s Tantra meditation sessions offer a sanctuary from the stress of everyday life, inviting joy and vitality back into the lives of her students. Here, in a space of calm and acceptance, participants reconnect with their true nature, finding peace and clarity.

The WOMXN’S WISDOM Festival, is a celebration of unity and shared spirituality, further highlighting her commitment to fostering a deep sense of community and love. Through these endeavors, Mahara McKay not only teaches Tantra; she embodies its very essence, nurturing an environment where transformation and connection flourish.

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