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What is TANTRA? Introduction for Beginners with Mahara

What is TANTRA? Introduction for Beginners with Mahara

What is tantra? You will find a clear definition of tantra at the 1st minute of the interview ;) For more informations on Mahara McKay 's teachings please visit her website : For more informations about Tantra discover the related article : I had the pleasure to interview Mahara in India at Arambol (Goa) after a 2h Tantra Workshop. I interviewed Mahara about what is tantra, and how it can improve self care and self love. In this video tantra for dummies you will know : - What is tantra? - Why tantra is only 8% about sex - How Mahara learnt tantra - Why I found her 2h tantra workshop so powerful - How can we improve our relationship with tantra - What is true love - What kind of tantra class is good for you I would like to thanks Mahara for this interview and I hope you learnt something from it. Please mention in the comment if you liked the video! And don't hesitate to ask us questions ;) What theme would you like the next video be about? **************************************** More informations on Mahara Teachings : ➡ Website : (Her next retreat available there) ➡ Facebook : ➡ Instagram : More Informations on Dorian : ➡ Website : ➡ INSTAGRAM : ➡ FACEBOOK #whatistantra #tantrabeginner #tantra
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