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Venture into the realms of spiritual evolution alongside Mahara, a beacon of light guiding seekers towards the discovery of your higher self and reminding you of your divinity. Through the weaving of ancient and modern practices, she invites others to explore the depths of their being and uncover the sacred union between mind, body, and spirit.



Through her offerings, she invites others to cultivate a deep connection with nature, recognizing it as a source of healing and wisdom. Through her words and actions, she seeks to inspire others to open their hearts and embrace love as a guiding force in their lives.



At the core of Mahara's work lies the transformative power of love. In its embrace, she discovers the true essence of human connection and the boundless potential for growth and healing. 




"Mahara schenkt einen Raum, von dem ich nicht wusste, dass es ihn gibt. Einen Raum der Geborgenheit, sich selbst so ehrlich wie noch nie zu begegnen. Ein Raum für Erkenntnisse, welche Muster, welche Glaubenssätze du irgendwann in deinem Leben irgendwoher mitgenommen hast, die gar nicht zu dir gehören. Mahara hat eine grossartige Empathie, so viel Liebe, so viel Freude, so viel Leichtigkeit und ein beeindruckendes freies Sein. Es gibt für mich nichts Schöneres mehr, immer mehr mich selbst zu sein. Danke vo Herze Mahara. 




Awareness is the beginning of change

Over the last 20 years, Mahara has followed her heart's guidance, which has invited her to experience many different studies, lives, countries and cultures and led her to discover her life's purpose. 

With an unwavering sense of curiosity and dedication, Mahara embarks on a journey of constant evolution and self-discovery. Through her explorations, she uncovers hidden truths and expands her understanding of the world around her. 


Through her dedication to her own personal growth, and continuous studies (since 2012), Mahara is able to create and hold a safe space for personal evolution, which allows her students to step into their power and embody their true potential and authentic self in a heart expanding way.

Mahara's journey is not one traveled alone but in the company of a supportive community and cherished loved ones. Together, they create a space of belonging and acceptance, where each individual is honored for their unique gifts and contributions. Through her teachings, Mahara fosters a sense of unity and interconnectedness, reminding others of the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships and nurturing the bonds that connect us all.

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