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Vulnerability to Divinity

After decades (and lifetimes) of negative conditioning around body image, the body of the goddess is forgotten in most women. This Ritual touches elements of deconditioning, transforming, and grounding yourself into the divinity of the goddess

in all her unique expressions.

Who is this for?

This heartwarming private session is for all woman of any sex, nationality or religion, who wants and deserves to feel loved, seen, worshiped, sexy and cared for.


What will I receive?

+ You will feel like floating on a cloud.

+ You will feel super relaxed and more confident in your body and mind. 

+ You will be able to work, in a loving space, on letting go of any dislike or shame towards your body.

+ You will discover new things about yourself that will help you to create a more nourishing and fulfilled life for yourself.


This depends on where Mahara is located in the world. 

If she is in Switzerland she mostly holds group sessions from her studio in Glattbrugg (ZH) and private sessions in Würenlingen (AG) or Glattbrugg. 

How long does it take?

If you only want to receive and relax, approx 1.5 hours.

If you also want to work on yourself, approx 3 hours


Pricing differs depending on the country and location Mahara is in. Also on the size of the group.

How can I book a private session with Mahara?

All information can be found here.


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