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Shamanic Breathwork

and Sound Healing

  • 2 hr 30 min
  • 285 Swiss francs
  • Equilibra

Service Description

This Breathwork is a gentle and effective self-healing practice focusing on our own breath, flowing like an open, relaxed and continuous wave. Conscious Breathing is Integrative Medicine. ​This full respiratory breathing technique serves to: +enhance the flow of organized life intelligence throughout the body/mind +slow down brain wave patterns +regulate the nervous system +clear subconscious information of the past from the mind/body +cultivate a high vibrational frequency and higher states of consciousness +maintain vibrant health, mental clarity and coherence between the brain and the heart WHAT I WILL RECEIVE? Have you ever felt like you were stuck in life? The weight of your anxiety was too much to handle? Tired of depression weighing you down? Do you struggle with self-love and find it difficult to let go of the past? Do you find yourself repeating old patterns that you desperately want to change? Have you ever wondered how it feels to be connected with spirit? Breathwork can help you with all of the above. It can get you out of your busy mind and gets you more connected with your heart and soul's purpose. It clears blockages in the body, cleanses your organs, and eliminates toxins. With this practice, you can find clarity, feel more centered and grounded, heal old wounds and pave a new path for yourself. This work can also help guide you to find a greater connection to your personal power and can strengthen your connection to self, open up portals for creativity and accelerate success in your business. It has numerous health benefits, the list goes on and on. MAHARA'S BREATHWORK HISTORY & STUDIES Mahara discovered Breathwork in 2012 when she first visited India. She had Asthma and wanted to find ways to heal herself. Once she discovered the in-depth benefits of conscious breathing, she was hooked. She took a one-month teacher training in Pranayama in the Himalayas. In 2014 when she was living In Dunedin /NZ, she was struggling with the cold weather. She wanted to find ways to handle the cold, so she came across WIM HOF and decided to do a 10-week training for the Wim Hof Method. Again she was blown away by the potential of the breath, body, and mind. From there on she studied any style of breathwork that came across her way, from holotropic breathing to shamanic breathwork and breath wave. Mahara holds Breathwork sessions in groups as well as one on ones. However, her private sessions are next level and worth every penny.

Cancellation Policy

Please send us a text message with your full name if you need to cancel: 076 548 77 74 Thank you.

Contact Details

  • Webereistrasse 7, 8757 Filzbach, Switzerland


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