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WHO are these events for?

These courses are designed for anyone who is dedicated to the ongoing practice of evolving.

No experience is necessary, just a desire to become liberated and free.


This is an invitation to all friends of love, seeking truth and real connection.

The Tantra Energy 5/8/11-Day Experience is for beginners and experienced Tantrikas alike.

We welcome anyone with an open heart, of any sex, gender, race, religion, beliefs, shape, age (+18), singles, couples or partners in any form of relationship or level of experience.

If you are wanting to come with your partner please contact Mahara first.

We will attune to the living energy present in each moment and create a space for that energy to evolve.

The practices are done in many forms: individually, in groups and in pairs. Sometimes with a brother, sometimes with a sister. You are always free to choose whatever feels right for you in any moment.

Your wellbeing has priority.


This is a drug and alcohol free event, however you will experience enough naturalhighs. 

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