Words can't describe what you will experience during this event.

It's something you must experience for yourself and feel.

This is not a 5-Rhythms Dance!

Who is this course for?

This is for anyone wanting to break out of the norms.

For dance lovers of all sorts.

For anyone who loves to be in their body and express themselves, but also for anyone who is afraid to dance. 

No experience is needed.

You will be dancing for yourself. No partner needed.


What will I receive?

You will feel liberated, ecstatic, joyful and free!

You will have so much fun and meet great people

You will have an amazing Shavasana (Deep relaxation)

You will get a transmission of the 5 Elements





minimum 1.5 hours 

Good to know

This course is held in group sessions but can also be booked for a private session or for a private event (wedding/ birthday).

It can be held in English or German.

Please dress in comfortable clothes that don´t restrict your movements, like to a yoga class.

Investment / Energy exchange

*Prices vary depending on location & country or group size.

Next Event

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Organise your own event

Booking & Questions

Please send us an email here with the following information (copy-paste and answer all questions).

I would like to book an "Ecstatic 5 Element Dance" private session with Mahara for *myself / a friend (gift voucher).

I would like to book an "Ecstatic 5 Element Dance" with Mahara for a private event of _____ people in ________(City & Country) for a ____________ event. (Type of event, example Wedding, Birthday, Bachelorette ...)

Please share how much this would cost?

My contact details are:

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Telephone Number:


I am best available (mornings, lunch time, evenings) from________ to _________am/pm.

Thank you. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be mindful that we have a long waiting list.


"Ich bin ein Mensch der viel im Kopf ist, der mit Denken negative Gefühle und Emotionen kontrollieren und unterdrücken will. Dank der 5th Element Dance habe ich gelernt, meinen Emotionen und Gefühlen die Möglichkeit zu geben, sich durch Bewegungen auszudrücken und sich so zu verändern bis zum Augenblick, wo ich keine einzigen Gedanken mehr im Kopf habe und einfach nur glücklich bin. Ich durfte von Mahara lernen, wie total unterschiedlich sich die fünf Elemente anfühlen in Form von verschiedenen Liedern, wie der Körper und die Bewegungen sich der Musik hingeben können und ohne Denken so viel gelöst wird. Jedes Element ist auf die eigene Art und Weise wunderschön, inspirierend und befreiend. Danach fühlte ich mich sehr stark mit mir verbunden." Angela