NEWS at 2nd Floor Yoga 

Ecstatic Dance on Thursday Nights!

Are you feeling stressed, tense or full of pent up emotion?

Is your body craving movement in a fun, liberating, and non-judgmental environment?

Are you tired of feeling disconnected on nights out?

Experience true freedom and a natural high at our Ecstatic Dance sessions every Thursday night. Mahara worked as an international DJ. Now she has remixed mindfulness, self-love, dance, and expression together, offering a fun and sacred space for you to reconnect your body, mind, and soul with the beat, allowing you to lift yourself into a state of happiness and bliss completely naturally.

Many meditative techniques require stillness and silence but for most of us accumulated stress in our body-mind makes that difficult. Before we can hope to access our inner powerhouse of consciousness, we need to release the tensions from our bodies. Ecstatic Dance is designed for the end of the day, to shake off accumulated stress and to enable you to consciously express and experience repressed feelings and emotions.

‘Every time after class, I feel so alive, energised and at the same relaxed and grounded. It is a beautiful and fun practice of learning how to let go, living in the now and experiencing the beauty of oneness. I ’m excited to share this experience with you.’

Anything that we do, that allows us to be PRESENT with our mind, in the here and now, is meditation. We meditate to find our true self, to let go of unnecessary negative self talk or thought patterns that pull us down, to tune into the feeling of love, oneness, and pure bliss. Ecstatic Dance is the fastest and easiest way to invite ALL of that in a beautiful, fun, dynamic, sacred, therapeutic and creative practice.

We will dance away our fears and welcome our inner strength, we will tap into our feminine side and shine like the sun, we will let go of judgment towards our selves and others and start trusting and honouring our sisters and brothers, together we will rise!

When: Thursdays 740pm Entry: $16 (Students $10) Bring a friend and get half price. First dance is free!



Yoga mat or a blanket (We also rent mats for $2)


Wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movements, as you would to a yoga class.

Please dress appropriately and respectfully being mindful of your fellow students.

We practice barefoot, but bring socks or a warm jumper for the end of class, especially on cold evenings.