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Anatomy of the Pelvis
10th June

Our Anatomy workshops continue with Anatomy of the Pelvi on Saturday, 10th of June, for this informative workshop. Here is what you will learn:

Where is your "Mula Bandha"? What does “use your pelvic floor” mean? How can you best “use your glutes” in yoga poses? Do you fight with your hamstrings? We will investigate our PELVIS and the many muscles and bones that construct this region and the power it encompasses. We’ll look at range of motion and actions of the pelvis, and see how best to stretch, strengthen, and modify poses that “open the hips” and find what really restricts us in asana practice.

Investment: 25.-

2 hour lecture includes:

anatomy slideshow, Q&A, demonstration of relevant asana, and discussion of western & eastern approaches to understanding the pelvis.

Anatomy of the Shoulder, Upper Back, and Chest 1st July Mobility vs Vulnerability.Our shoulder joints are the most mobile, and therefore the most vulnerable areas in the body. Come learn about all the moving parts to support your asana practice safely. We’ll explore the shoulder girdle and rotator cuff muscles, the chest, and upper spine, and improve your understanding of good and endurable posture, range of motion, nerve health, and breathing. Come learn to balance strength and flexibility intelligently! ​

Date: Saturday, 1st July

Time: 3:00pm-5:30pm

Investment: 25.-

Lecture includes slides, demo, Q&A, and refreshments.

Tension vs Compression 5th August Tension vs Compression, a closer look at our joints and what restricts us in asana.Everyone is built differently and our proportions affect our asana practice. Come learn about each of the body’s major joints and see the effects of structure vs stretch. Practice asana with an understanding of your structure, range of motion, and limitations, and accept yourself as a beautiful, anatomical, and capable being!

Date: Saturday, 5th August

Time: 3:00pm-5:30pm

Investment: 25.-

Lecture includes slideshow, short videos, demo, Q&A, and refreshments.