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Feminine Embodiment with Nianna Bray

Feminine Embodiment

12hr Weekend Training.

No Yoga experience needed.

Date: 20-22.January 2017

Friday 20th: 7 - 9pm Saturday 21st: 11.30 - 5.30pm Sunday 22nd: 11.30- 5.30pm

Investment: $219 Purchase here For certified hours: $299 (for teachers that want to use the training to credit for Yoga Alliance as continued education).The difference can be paid at the studio. We are happy to support anyone with financial difficulties to pay 50% before the training (at the studio) and the other 50% after the training.

To reserve your spot call us or send us an email at (021 123 66 27).


Are you feeling out of touch with your feminine side? When was the last time you felt beautiful or even sexy?? Do you struggle to believe in yourself?

The noise of the outer world often drowns out our inner voice and our ability to listen deeply leaving us confused, fatigued and in pain. The demands of daily life can leave us little time to fortify our physical, mental and emotional body.

Learn the ways of the awakened feminine and liberate yourself to walk your path with courage. Ignite a fire in your heart and belly that will keep you connected to your purpose. Unlock your creative potential and learn to regenerate, trainingsheal and empower yourself to live a life you love. As women we thrive in community with our

sisters, drawing strength and wisdom from one another. You are the one you have been waiting for. Together we rise.

You will learn: -Sensual movement & energy activation -Dynamic functional feminine alignment -Dancing with the Mystery -The power of the circle -Moon & menstrual wisdom -Female sexuality and anatomy of arousal -Hormonal balance -Emotional dexterity -Exceptional self-care & Radical self-love - Healthy relationships -Find your voice & speak your truth -Release shame, blame, and harmful habits -True confidence and inner peace

About Nianna: Nianna is uniquely her own. Her teaching is relevant to modern life while steeped in the tradition of eternal wisdom. She has woven her diverse embodied translation of wisdom teachings into the fabric of her life with power and grtraining, classes and retreats are grounded, inspired, nurturing and integrated, With guidance from the eight limbs of Yoga by Patanjali she shares yoga that is rooted in vinyasa krama and tantra in line with the lineages of Krishnamacharya and Sri Vidya . Her teaching is rooted in the transmissions received from the 'modern mystics' whom she has had the honor to study closely with during her time in her birth place, Los Angeles. Her most essential inspiration has come from nearly a decade of apprenticeship with Micheline Berry, Shiva Rea, Denise Kaufman, Mark Whitwell and Aaron Reed. This was during an influential time of her evolution at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice where she eventually taught classes along side her mentors. In her earlier movement explorations, she found her fluid spine in Continuum Movement with Emilie Conrad, the freedom of expression through the 5 Rhythms of Gabrielle Roth, and originally in Soul Motion with Vinn Marti who 'turned her on' to life at the ripe age of 18. Later she was influenced by the Shakta Tantra and Sri Vidya lineage of Sri Amritananda in 2006 through her teacher Psalm Isadora. Chris Tompkins, Douglas Brooks, and Anna Marti have illuminated her tantric path since. Her Yin Yoga training with Paul Grilley in the early years coupled with the apprenticeship to Denise Kaufmann and Aaron Reed has provided the essential skills and experience needed to teach yin yoga beautifully and effectively. Her first ever 'official' teacher training was with Erich Schifmann in 2003 at Exhale and his Freedom Style yoga. Her devotion to the soul's unbound freedom and the Divine Feminine along with her own sensual nature has birthed her women's sensual empowerment movement that is creating the space for women to liberate their power and ground themselves in their truth. For the past 7 years she leads spirit adventure retreats across the globe from New Zealand to Tibet and in between with the company she co-owned until the end of 2016, Away Inward Retreats. In total, she has traveled to over 40 countries and counting. In the fall of 2016 with her former non-profit,, she rebuilt a school in Darbung, Nepal after it fell in the earthquakes of 2015. For the past 6 years, she has been part of The Ashram family teaching yoga seasonally on their world renowned retreats in Mallorca, Spain and the summer or 2016 marked her last season. And soon she will be coming to share her teachings with us in Dunedin at 2nd Floor Yoga! :)