NEWS at 2nd Floor Yoga 



Its FULL MOON everyone!! Even more reason to get out and dance, shake off the stress and embrace yourself!! Express yourself through the power of dance, and let the moons energy shine on you!! Let go of old habits and invite the new.

We will be dancing in a very special location tonight, in the Oxford building, above the "dog with two tails" on Moray place, in a beautiful, BIG space, so you'll have PLENTY of room to move :D The stunning cealing is partly glas, so we might even get lucky enough to see the moon.

This might be the only time we get to use this beautiful building, so bring all your friends. Lets make this a night to remember!

For first time dancers its only half the price $8.-

For everyone with a pass, your first dance is free.

To be honest, I didn't think I would find the energy to run the dance tonight, after receiving some shocking news 2 days ago. But theres a beautiful saying I like to use during class, especially through challenging poses: "Live in harmony with the way things are, and you will benefit. Struggel against the way things are and you will suffer".

So I'm excepting life challenges and am ready to take on whatever comes, knowing that all is good, and all that happens, happens for a reason.

Look forward to dancing with all you beautiful souls :)



Please bring your own yoga mat/ towel, a bottle of water, blanket for shavasana if needed, warm cloths for the beginning - you'll get hot throughout the dance ;)


Starts: 7.30pm, tonight (Thursday 18.August)

Where: Moray place, Oxford building, above "dog with two tails". Entrance is on the right side of the dog ;)