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A Tri-Dosha inspired practice

Mahara will be sharing her morning yoga practice online with anyone who is interested to join.

She will be doing the practice for herself with closed eyes. So she will not be watching you.

That's why we recommend you watch the clip first, especially if your, not an advanced yogi.


At the moment Mahara is offering every Wednesday morning from 8.00-9.45/10 am (Swiss time) - depending on how long you want to stay in Shavasana ;) Please join in on time.

About the practice 

It is a set sequence of Asanas (poses), most of which are on the floor, that allows you to practice with closed eyes, so you can go deeper into a moving meditation. The main goal of this practice is to FULLY RELAX and become more aware of your breath, body, and mind. Not only are you working with your breath and strengthening the body with long-held poses, but you are also stretching the body and coming into deep spaces of silence, and absolute bliss. 



It is a full mind-body experience, especially helpful for people who are very stressed, anxious, worried, or have self-doubt.

This practice not only brings you back into stillness, but it also balances your three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) so you feel more centered, balanced, grounded, present, you gain more clarity, and after regular practice, your body feels amazing, strong and flexible. Your sex drive increases and your sex life becomes more pleasurable because all your senses are heightened and your whole body is relaxed.

All levels are welcome

Please watch the video if you are new to yoga, or would like to receive some adjustments.

Mahara will not be sharing this information during the session, so better you prepare yourself, so you get the most out of the exercises and also don't injure yourself. There are only 3 poses that could be a little more challenging for beginners.

You can also skip any of the poses and just lay down in a starfish position focusing on breathing deep.



It's held in English. However, there's only very little talking.

Energy Exchange 

You are welcome to donate whatever it is worth to you or whatever fits your income.

Want to join?

Send us a What's App / Signal Message +41 76 548 77 74 with the keyword TRI-DOSHA and the following details:

Full Name


Telephone Number

Country of Residence

Your preferred means of payment  (banking, twint, cash, weekly, monthly, yearly...)

and we will send you the Zoom link.

The End

At the end of the session, Mahara does not do a closing. Everyone can stay as long or as short in Shavasana as they want.

We recommend you take enough time to enjoy your deep relaxation in the end.

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