Are you tired of draining connections, meaningless and empty sex?

This heart opening event is for couples who are longing to deepen their consciousness and their connection with themselves and their beloved,

to bring awaken their passion and discover the meaning of sacred sexuality,

to find out more about their personal longings and develop conscious communication skills so one can cultivate an honest space to express ones truth, and so much more.

Experience simple yet powerful practices, in a protected setting, with careful and loving support, so the partners can give each other the gift of trust, openness and close encounters.

During this workshop you will experience why compassion, respect, relaxation and presence are so important to cultivate meaningful relationships and a blooming sex life filled with passion and amor, where you can feel safe in your body and with the person your engaging with.


Who is this course for?

Participation is suitable for couples of all ages, genders, and sex and does not require any prior knowledge.

This course is for couples who know that a relationship outside of the usual routine takes time, attention and care, as well as the willingness to see each other with new eyes again and again. Our gaze is often obscured by habits and we forget or have never learned what it feels like to meet openly and directly from the heart. It is about a common journey to finer levels of perception in connection with awareness, love and sexuality.

This is an introduction to Tantra. No experience is needed.

Each couple is accompanied individually and all exercises are carried out exclusively with their own partner.

In this class there will be no genital touch. 

This course is held in private or in group sessions.

The course can be held in english or german. It will be announced in the event description.



What will I receive?

Powerful practices that will take your relationship to deeper depths and higher highs.

Many beautiful exercises, simple to use and easy to integrate into your busy lifestyles.

Conscious communication tools. Most relationships fail due to a lack of communication skills and misunderstandings.

Understanding the importance of slowing down and learning how to relax together.

Letting go of pressure & performance.

Practices that will increase your sex life.

Feeling a lot of love, gratitude and a deeper connection to your partner.



Privat session

min. 2.5h (the longer the better)

Group session 

  • minimum 4 hours  (the longer the better)

  • 2-day workshop without sleepover

  • weekend retreat including accomodation & meals

  • 1 week retreat 


Send us an email if you are interested in a one-week "My Sacred Partner" retreat in Sri Lanka or Thailand.



Prices vary depending on duration, group size, location & country.



This depends on where Mahara is located in the world. 

If she is in Switzerland she mostly holds workshops from her studio in Glattbrugg (ZH) and private sessions in Würenlingen (AG).

The exact address will be sent to you after booking & payment. As well as what you will need to bring to the event.

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Before sending this email, please be mindful that any transportation costs, accomodation & meals for Mahara plus one assistant must also be taken care of and are not included in the price offer that we will send you. If there is a flight included, than you can also organise someone else that can assist her, that is experienced and available for the time of the event, to keep costs low.

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"Trust me, it will be wonderful". The “My Sacred Partner” workshop with Mahara was a wonderful experience for me personally.

Mahara conveys the topics with the greatest dedication, full of passion and sympathy and she creates a space in which one feels totally comfortable. As a couple, she showed us so many exciting and simple exercises that can be integrated into everyday life. Through the exercises I felt a deep connection between me and my partner, something that can be lost in a longer relationship, especially with everyday life, with family and children. I felt grounded, totally relaxed and got a focus again on what is really important in a relationship; Love, respect and openness towards my partner. I was encouraged to consolidate things that I have done so far and that topics such as being alone and personal freedom of the individual are also important. I would like to encourage more people to have the courage to attend such a workshop.


This workshop was a gift from my partner to me. So I was all the more excited when I found out what was going to expect me. Thanks to Mahara’s empathic and sensitive manner, I immediately felt comfortable and it was easy for me to venture into "new and unknown territory" and to try out the exercises without any blockages or discomfort. Mahara responded to our relationship and wishes and we were able to experience an exciting and interesting workshop. I have the feeling that the common path with my partner has gained a lot more depth as a result since we joined this workshop two months ago.

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“ Vertrau mir, es wird wunderschön sein“

Der “My Sacred Partner” Partner Workshop bei Mahara war für mich persönlich ein wundervolles Erlebnis. Mahara vermittelt die Themen mit der grössten Hingabe, voller Leidenschaft und Sympathie und sie kreiert einen Raum in dem man sich total wohlfühlt. Sie zeigte uns als Paar so viele spannende und einfache Übungen, die man in den Alltag integrieren kann. Durch die Übungen habe ich eine tiefe Verbundenheit zwischen mir und meiner Partnerin gespürt, etwas das in einer längeren Beziehung, gerade mit Alltag mit Familie und Kindern etwas verloren gehen kann. Man fühlt sich geerdet, total entspannt und bekommt wieder einen Fokus, was wirklich wichtig ist in einer Beziehung; Liebe, Respekt und Offenheit gegenüber dem Partner. Ich wurde bestärkt, Dinge die ich bis jetzt gemacht habe zu festigen und das auch Themen wie Alleinsein und die persönliche Freiheit des Einzelnen wichtig sind. Ich wünsche mir das mehr Menschen den Mut aufbringen so einen Workshop zu besuchen.


Dieser Workshop war eine Geschenk von meinem Partner an mich. Umso gespannter war ich als ich erfuhr was mich erwarten würde. Durch Mahara’s empathische und einfühlsame Art habe ich mich gleich wohl gefühlt und es fiel mir leicht mich auf ein für mich «neues und unbekanntes Terrain» zu begeben und die Übungen ohne Blockaden oder Unwohlsein auszuprobieren. Mahara ist dabei auf unsere Beziehung und Wünsche eingegangen und wir konnten einen spannenden und interessanten Workshop erleben. Ich habe das Gefühl das der gemeinsame Weg mit meinem Partner dadurch noch viel mehr Tiefe erfahren hat, seitdem wir diesen Workshop vor zwei Monaten besucht haben.