Feminine Embodiment


Thursdays 7.45 - 9.00pm  Doors don't open till 7.30pm (to prior class)

Entry: $16.- / Students $10.-

First dance free!



No dance experience needed. Just an open mind and an open heart.

Are you feeling stressed, tense or full of pent-up emotion?

Is your body craving movement in a fun, liberating, and non-judgmental environment?

Are you tired of feeling disconnected on nights out?

Have you lost touch with your feminine side?

When was the last time you felt feminine or even sexy? 


Women are such beautiful creatures. They have a gift of the femininity which makes them soft, loving, beautiful and warm. A woman is a nature’s true gift to everybody.


I have noticed that more and more women have lost touch with their feminine side. No wonder! Where can we express our beautiful feminine nature, without being judged, or watchers getting false messages from our movements? Where can you dance sexy, just to feel sexy, not because you want to be the center of attention, not because you want to get anyone aroused or attract someone. Simply to feel beautiful in your own skin.



Unfortunately, over the last years we started hiding our feminine side. We took on a lot of masculine positions and traits, trying to liberate ourselves from a traditional role of a passive housewife.

I’m glad we did. After all, the essence of feminine, is freedom. But I can’t help but feel that we did too good of a job at becoming liberated and masculine, often at the expense of our true feminine nature. Women want to be ravished, loved, taken care of. We want to f eel beautiful. We want to have fulfilling relationships in which we can surrender and be fully giving. Our core is love but we often suppress it thinking of it as our weakness.


I invite all women, all ages, sizes and religions, wanting a safe and sacred space to feel beautiful and move sexy, to fully express yourself as the divine. Not only will you dance your stress away, you will feel more alive, attractive, and liberated, you will be buzzing on a natural high.  It is a beautiful and fun practice of learning how to let go, living in the now and experiencing the beauty of oneness with complete strangers. I’m excited to share this experience with you.


I have worked as an international DJ for 9 years before I fell in love with teachings of  Yoga. Now I remix mindfulness, playfulness, sensual dance and expression together, offering a fun and sacred space for you to reconnect your body, mind and soul with the beat, allowing you to lift yourself into a state of happiness and peace completely naturally.


We will dance away our fears and welcome our inner strength, we will tap into our feminine side and shine like the sun, we will let go of judgment towards our selves and others and start trusting and honoring our sisters and brothers, together we will rise!


YES, I encourage men who are serious about wanting to get in touch with their feminine side to join us as well. 





Yoga Mat or a blanket (We also rent mats for $2)




Wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movements, as you would to a yoga class.​

We practice barefoot, but bring socks or a warm jumper for the end of class, especially on cold evenings.