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+ Book a Private Session with Mahara

+ The Tantric & Shamanic Arts Experience (8/11-Days)

+ Emotional Release

+ Shamanic  Breathwork Sessions 

+ Weekly Tantra Meditations with Mahara  at Serratus, Zürich

+ Coaching - Personal Development 


+ My Sacred Partner - Einführungskurs zu Tantra für Paare 

+ Feminine Embodiment

+ Ecstatic 5 Element Dance

+ ONLINE Tantric Hatha Yoga Sessions

+ Sister Circles


+ The Woman's WIsdom 1-Day Festival

+ Jam Sessions

** Bring a friend and share this experience. 

Each friend you bring the cheaper it gets for all of you.


We also offer...

** Gift Vouchers

Send your request to 

** Give your Event (Birthday, Wedding, Dinner Party) 

a special touch that your guests will remember.

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