What will I receive?

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in life?
The weight of your anxiety was too much to handle?
Tired of depression weighing you down? 
Do you struggled with self-love and find it difficult letting go of the past?
Do you find yourself repeating old patterns that you desperately want to change? 

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be connected with spirit?

Breathwork can help you with all of the above. It can get you out of your busy mind and gets you more connected with your heart and souls purpose. It clears blockages in the body, cleanses your organs and eliminates toxins.

With this meditation practice you can find clarity, feel more centred and grounded, heal old wounds and pave a new path for yourself. This work can also help guide you to find a greater connection to your personal power and can strengthen your connection to self, open up portals for creativity and accelerate success in your business.

It has numerous health benefits, the list goes on and on..


Who is this course for?

Anyone who is ready and open to explore new things without judgement and is not afraid to feel, express and grow and to let go of expectations.

This course can be held in private or in group sessions, no experience is needed. 


We do not recommend this workshop if you are pregnant or have serious physical or mental health issues, heart or respiratory illnesses and diseases, or on heavy medication.

Please contact us if any of the following applies to you:

- Do you have a mental imbalance like schizophrenia, psychotic breaks, and so forth?

- Do you have retinal detachment or glaucoma?

- Do you have asthma or severe cardiovascular diseases such as: Hypertension / swelling or enlargement of an artery wall / history of heart attacks / inflammation of the heart muscle / atrial fibrillator?

- Do you have Epilepsy?

- Do you have advanced kidney disease or diabetes?

- Do you have physical sufferings or pain?

- Are you scheduled for an operation or are you recovering from an operation?

- Do you have high or very low blood pressure?

In this case we recommend emailing us to discuss a private session with Mahara.

Important preparations

- Please do not eat 3-4 hours before the session!! Also no caffeine.

- Switch OFF your phone 

- Bring or wear comfortable and warm clothing, which will not narrow or restrict your movements plus warm socks (body temperature will decrease). No jeans or tight shirts.

What to bring

- Yogamat

- Blind fold or shawl (to cover eyes)

- Tissues

- Water Bottle

If the session is held outdoors, please also bring:

- Sleeping bag or blanket (as your body temperature will drop)

- Suncream and sunprotection for the head

- Optional: bring your own lunch if you want to stay after class and eat together.


This course can be held in english or german, depending what you ask for (private sessions) or in which country Mahara is teaching (events). It will be announced in the event description.


Privat sessions

First visit min. 2 hours 

Every following visit 1.5 hours

Group sessions 

  • minimum 2.5 - 3 hours 

  • Full day or 2-day workshop without sleepover

  • weekend retreat including accomodation & meals

  • 1 week retreat 


Prices vary depending on duration, group size, location & country.



This depends on where Mahara is located in the world. 

If she is teaching in Switzerland, she mostly holds workshops from her studio in Glattbrugg (ZH) or private outdoor venues.

Private sessions are mostly held in Würenlingen (AG). 

The exact address will be sent to you after booking & payment. 

Next Events or Retreats

Please check our Calendar for upcoming events.

If you missed out, and would like to receive information for future Breathwork events, please follow the steps below.

Organize your own event!

Questions or Booking Requests

Please send us an email here with the following information (copy-paste and answer all questions below).

  1. Please keep me informed about future "Breathwork" events in _____________ (Switzerland/ Europe/ Overseas )

  2. I would like to book a "Breathwork" private session with Mahara for 2.5 hours.

  3. I would like to organise a "Breathwork" event or retreat with Mahara

  • in _________, __________(City & County)

  • for a duration of ____________ (hours/ days)

  • for a____________ event (festival, birthday gathering, gift voucher, etc..) 

  • for a number of approx _______ people. 

Before sending this email, please be mindful that any transportation costs, accomodation & meals for Mahara plus one assistant must also be taken care of by the host and are not included in the price offer that we will send you. If there is a flight included, than you can also organise someone else that can assist her, that is experienced and available for the time of the event, to keep your costs low.

Please send me a price offer.

My contact details are:

Full Name:

Telephone Number:


I am best available (mornings, lunch time, evenings), from _______ till______am/pm.

I live in (City / Country)

Thank you. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 


"Ich möchte mich noch einmal ganz herzlich für dieses wunderbare Treatment bedanken. Es war ein wirklich aussergewöhnliche Erfahrung und ich fühle mich seither leicht wie eine Feder und bin AWARE! Danke für die Impulse und danke für dieses sichere guiden während dieser Reise". Andreas