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Snow Capped Mountains


The Here and Now

Welcome to  EQUILIBRA, an International Education Center for Mind, Body and Soul, located in the Swiss mountains.

This is where we will be doing our inner work and self discovery journeys.

CHECK-IN : After 3 PM


Pictures coming soon...

If you have any questions  please reach out to us via E-Mail or WhatsApp  with your request.

+41 76 548 77 74

Thanks for reaching out



During our Retreats all participants are asked to fill out the arrival sheet.

There, you can see who has a free seat and where they are leaving from, or you can ask if anyone can offer you a lift from your destination, or nearby.


Closest Airport is Zürich.


From Zürich Airport you can choose a direct train to Ziegelbrücke (Bahnhof Süd) and arrange a pic up with us for CHF 45.- (we need to know at least 2 days ahead when you plan to arrive +41765487774. This offer is only for those traveling from overseas.

It takes 15 min by car. (for us driving both ways it takes 30min.


Check the section "BY CAB".

Cheaper, but longer

By bus from Ziegelbrücke (not the airport) it takes 32min and costs around  3.- / 4.- Swiss francs

check on  Google Maps or

what your best connection is to get from Zürich airport to Filzbach Sportzentrum.

From Sportzentrum it is only a 3min walk to us. 


All participants are asked to fill out the arrival sheet. There you can ask if anyone could give you a lift from the Airport or near by. 

5 ways to travel from nearby airports


You can order your ride over an app on your smartphone. Fares usually are significantly cheaper than standard taxi fares (initial fee 3-6Sfr, 1.80 - 3.60Sfr per kilometre, 0.30 - 0.60Sfr per minute). Find more information at


Equilibra, Webereistrasse 7,  8757 Filzbach, Switzerland

Google Maps

Please add 20-30min extra so you can

arrive with ease and arrive on time.


Please check the fotos here.

You can use P1-P5.

P6-P7 is only for unloading and for our cook. Incase there's no more space, you may park up the road at the Sporthotel. 3min walking distance from us.


From Zürich Airport it takes between 1h 40min and 2hours.

Closest bus stop and arival destination by public transport is called "Filzbach Sportzentrum". From there it's only a 3min walk to the Venue Equilibra, Webereistrasse 7, 8757 Filzbach. 

If you struggel finding it ask a local where the silk fabric (Seidenfabrik in German) used to be. 


Taxi Services from Zürich Airport

Choose your own car:

Cheaper variation is taking a direct train to Ziegelbrücke and from there taking a cab.

From Ziegelbrücke (not the airport) it costs aprox CHF 62.-

From Zürich airport it's a 1 hour drive and will cost a lot. Probably around 250.-/ 280.- Swiss Francs.

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