Mahara McKay


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"Mahara schenkt einen Raum, von dem ich nicht wusste, dass es ihn gibt. Einen Raum der Geborgenheit, sich selbst so ehrlich wie noch nie zu begegnen. Ein Raum für Erkenntnisse, welche Muster, welche Glaubenssätze du irgendwann in deinem Leben irgendwoher mitgenommen hast, die gar nicht zu dir gehören. Mahara hat eine grossartige Empathie, so viel Liebe, so viel Freude, so viel Leichtigkeit und ein beeindruckendes freies Sein. Es gibt für mich nichts Schöneres mehr, immer mehr mich selbst zu sein. Danke vo Herze Mahara. Angela


With every passing moment in every chapter of life comes a world of lessons and knowledge.

From her quiet, humble beginnings, through the glitz & glamor of fame, and back to a simple,

introspective path, LIFE, nature, animals and children continues to be Mahara's finest teachers,

reinforcing the notion that what really matters is

TRUTH, TRUST, LOVE for all living beings



2015 - After building up and managing her own Yoga studio "2nd Floor Yoga" for 2 years in New Zealand, Mahara realized that she spent all her energy towards marketing and managing her studio instead of doing what she really wanted to do, which was holding space for others to heal themselves through Tantric & Shamanic Arts, Mindfulness and Meditation, Body Work, Yoga Therapy, Authentic Movement and Dance. 

In 2017 she decided to sell her Yoga Studio and  House in New Zealand and combine her two biggest passions;

Traveling & Facilitating Workshops, Training

and Retreats around the globe.

2020 - Because of the Pandemic, Mahara ended

up settling back in Switzerland and is focused 

on teaching here for some time.

Festivals she worked for

Tantra Festival India, Goa & Delhi

Tantra Festival, Ibiza

Cosmic Lovers Israel

Impulstanz Festival, Vienna

Odessa, Amsterdam

The New Yoga School, Amsterdam

Yoga Festival, Goa

Shakti Festival, Goa

Natraj Spirit Dance Festival, Delhi

Osho International Festival, India