Mahara McKay


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"Mahara schenkt einen Raum, von dem ich nicht wusste, dass es ihn gibt. Einen Raum der Geborgenheit, sich selbst so ehrlich wie noch nie zu begegnen. Ein Raum für Erkenntnisse, welche Muster, welche Glaubenssätze du irgendwann in deinem Leben irgendwoher mitgenommen hast, die gar nicht zu dir gehören. Mahara hat eine grossartige Empathie, so viel Liebe, so viel Freude, so viel Leichtigkeit und ein beeindruckendes freies Sein. Es gibt für mich nichts Schöneres mehr, immer mehr mich selbst zu sein. Danke vo Herze Mahara. Angela

About Mahara

Mahara is a facilitator of yogic, tantric & shamanic arts (including breathwork & dance), an integrative health coach and alternative therapist. She offers private sessions and workshops on emotional release, tantra for couples, feminine embodiment and holds in-depth programs called “Tantra Energy”  that offer deep healing and transformation. She guides people with so much ease to move beyond their fears and step into a deep space of self love, authenticity, peace of mind and joy. 

Over the last 20 years Mahara has followed her hearts guidance which has invited her to experience many different lives, countries and cultures and led her to discovere her life's purpose. Through her dedication to her own healing Mahara is able to create and hold a safe space for transformation which allows her students to step into their power and embody their true potential and authentic self in a heart expanding way.

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Short Biography

With every passing moment in every chapter of life comes a world of lessons and knowledge.

From her quiet, humble beginnings, through the glitz & glamor of fame, and back to a simple,

introspective path, life, love, nature, animals and children continues to be Mahara's finest teachers,

reinforcing the notion that what really matters is


Mahara McKay (1981) , was born and raised in New Zealand, by a Swiss mother and a Maori father, from the Ngati Toa tribe, the same tribe of the legendary warrior Te Rauparaha (who composed the Haka "Kamate").

Even as a little girl, Mahara was called an "old soul" by her elders. Her great-grandmother was a respected priestess, a healer, and her father's brother was adopted by the Lakota, a Native American tribe. So it was no surprise that Mahara found her calling during her early 30ties traveling the world.

During the years she lived in Switzerland, she lost touch with her spiritual roots, but when she left Switzerland for India, she found her way back to the source. Since then, she has been traveling the world, holding spaces for people to heal themselves through Tantric and Shamanic Arts. Her gift is to help people transform heaviness into lightness, letting go of fears and inviting trust and love, cultivating sacred sexuality that is meaningful, healthy and healing, going through life with an open heart authentically and honestly, learning from nature, and always finding the way back to stillness, back to Source. 

Mahara's transformative group seminars, where people can honestly meet themselves and others in their true greatness, have been highly regarded by many people.

Festivals she worked for

Tantra Festival India, Goa & Delhi

Tantra Festival, Ibiza

Cosmic Lovers Israel

Impulstanz Festival, Vienna

Odessa, Amsterda

Yoga Festival, Goa

Shakti Festival, Goa

Natraj Spirit Dance Festival, Delhi

Osho International Festival, India

Wild Love Journey, Switzerland

Soul n-Spirit Festival, Switzerland

Ecstatic Dance Festival, Switzerland