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Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation and Dance

I had a dream...


I wanted to open an uplifting and sacred space where love is openly given and received. So I created 2nd Floor Yoga in the beautiful city of Dunedin, New Zealand, together with an amazing crew of teachers.


In so many ways, it was one of the hardest challenges (on a working level) that I've taken on. But also one of the most beneficial and rewarding ones too. I am truely grateful for all the teachings I was able to take from it,  for the wonderful connections that were made there and for the life experiences,  being able to put a dream into reality. 

However, sometimes life has different plans for us. How to find out??

I  recommend following your heart. And along the way being aware of what serves you and what drains you. And constantly keep following the path of least resisdence, follow the signs of life which allow you to expand and grow, which means welcoming change. Not being afraid of letting go of things and of people.


After 2 years, I realised running a studio was not serving me. I felt stuck and exsausted. I had no time to offer my workshops and do what I really loved doing, which is teaching...NOT managing a studio, NOT marketing, NOT working on scedules over and over again, because teachers come and go...

I simply want to teach and share the magic of Tantra, Yoga Therapy , Mindfulness, Meditation, Authentic Movement and Dance.

And... I LOVE to travel to discover life & pacha mama in all its beauty, the different ways of living, different cultures & mentalities.

So I decided to put the two together and see how that goes. If your curious to follow this journey you can follow me on Instagram or FB

Here are some beautiful memories of 2nd Floor Yoga. Of both studios on Moray Place and Princes Street in Dunedin (South Island of New Zealand).





Moving to a bigger studio :)  Renovation process...

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